Professional Research with Amateur Spirit

As Yƶntem Research, we look for the reality without sacrificing from the rules of professionalism, but at the same without losing our amateur spirit, in other words, the passion to search, to ask, to question, all which has to be always present in a researcher.

Finding the reality is only possible without diverging from the line of the truth. Therefore, we take quality not as a routine procedure, but as a "matter of life and death" and we focus on not only keeping it but also to pulling it to higher standards.

Just like the Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, perceives art as a bridge and a means of balance between the person and his/her surroundings, we perceive research as a bridge between science and art. While dealing with numbers, statistics, averages, in other words with science; on the other hand, we also try to reach a conclusion, to create an insight from these numbers. Therefore, we see research both as science and art.

In the meantime, while dealing with averages, in fact we always bear in mind that mainly those who deviate from the averages change the world, like Nassim Nichola Taleb emphasizes in his book Black Swan. Isn't it true that those who changed the world until now are Einsteins, Darwins, Da Vincis, Marx, Curies who were really not "average"?