Models Designed By Us

 QARESMA (Qualitative Archaeological Research for Marketing)

 A qualitative “memory and dreams archeology". In QARESMA, we make a voyage to the beginning of past experiences by "memory excavations" and find out the "strange attractors" that bond us to the products and services used.  

  “Dream excavations” is used for finding out the innovative ideas about future. This is why QARESMA is an open door of your products and services to the future.


  "Is your precious package delivered to the correct address on time without any damage?" This is an ad tracking model in which a tracking survey is conducted for measuring how and how fast your exact message is communicated to the right audience.

Re: Shop (Research of Shopping)

  A research model monitoring the consumers' attitudes and market perceptions periodically with a Turkey urban population representation. 

RepScan - Corporate Reputation Model

 A model first developed by Globescan - a strategic partner of Yöntem since 1999, and locally adapted by Yöntem. This model has repeatedly been applied for leading multinational and national companies and holdings in Turkey.

Segmentation Model


   All the consumers are not the same but they may have some similarities.  There is a need for classifying consumers not according to their demographic structures but instead some other characteristics and tendencies. Segmentation analysis is used to define segments using psychological and sociological variables such as life style, values, attitudes, political views etc.  This is a model which provides strategic inputs.

Stakeholder Engagement and Perception (SEP)

  This is a strategic model for determining key partners and their loyalty to the company. Different stakeholders are interviewed to define their current and potential effects on corporate reputation and their loyalty to the company. Both qualitative and quantitative findings are reported as an output.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  With this in-house developed Total Cost of Ownnership (TCO) model Yöntem examines both explicit and hidden long term costs of competitors' and your product. TCO is widely used in automotive and white goods industries. 

Brand Health Model

   This is a tracking study, where brand and ad awareness of a brand or a company as well as its directions in terms of usage, attitude and several image attributes are gauged. All these aspects, which are always in an interaction with each other, have to be tracked and analyzed in a context regularly for the health of a brand.

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