Hatice AVCI

Mother of the office
She loves traveling
Her dream is going to Ayder in Black Sea Region.


She is a beginner cinephile
"The more I swim, the more I refresh"
Her dream city is Barcelona

Sinem ESER

She loves to join parts together both in her life and hobbies. That's why she loves puzzles.
She dreams of in a caravan as yellow as sun travelling to all the sun washed places of the world where she will wake up with bird chirps and will have fun with beloved ones gathered around a fire. You can leave her there for lifelong.


Music, music, music! Either jazz or ethnic!
"I want to see Antarctic."

"Life is just an accidental emergence
A peaceful last breath is the sole purpose"


“Holiday= Sea, sea, and sea once again!”

She hopes go to the Iceland one day.

When she reads books on psychology, she is at peace…


She is a bibliophage!
The day I didn't learn was a loss
She wants to be a Darwin in Galapagos


"Fenerbahçeeeee but first comes my daughter"
Vacations only with sun-sea-sand...
He wants to see the Eastern parts of Turkey


She built a good career as she brought up her wonderful daughter.

In 25 years, she learnt that she needs to learn more

Her dream voyage is to “Great Wall of China”…

Dilbeste GÜLCAN

She is at peace when she is surrounded by loved ones by the sea and nature.
She feels peaceful when she knits something, as she rests and feels productive.
Yet, while she is at peace, she would also really like to visit France and explore a different country…

Selen Yıldırım GÜNGÖR

Independent of the destination, she loves travelling. But first, she dreams of going to Venice with her husband.

She is trying to have awareness. She feels she is at the right place when she is interested in psychology.


“Viajar y descubrir” – Actually this is all. She may be interested in anything related to humanity. While reading or investigating she pays complete attention to the sociology of politics, international politics and economy, and Spanish language and culture.


Cinema, theory of politics, ethic and humor are her main interests.
She wants to visit all the film festivals of each and every city. Especially the smallest provinces!

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Mole The Research Executive

He digs deeper and deeper.
Sometimes he is lost for a while.
But when he comes out, he always has something new.