GlobeScan Radar

Our strategic report that gauges corporate social responsibility perception of the public in Turkey and also more than 20 countries in the world, as well as their views on global issues like terror, economy, politics etc. and their level of awareness on climate change.

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Annual Trends Observatory and Panorama Aftersales Data

Panorama Aftersales Data is an extensive syndicated research report which takes the pulse of automotive aftermarket industry in almost 30 countries in the world, including Turkey, within a wide target scope from drivers to retailers and workshops. The report is prepared by GiPA, a global research company specialized in automotive aftermarket researches since 1986.


Our syndicated research report which takes the pulse of the pharmaceutical industry both on consumer side and pharmacy side.

Quarterly Teen Trends (QTT)

In every quarter, a content analysis of the smart phones of high school and university youth is done in order to determine the youth trends.


“Holiday= Sea, sea, and sea once again!”

She hopes go to the Iceland one day.

When she reads books on psychology, she is at peace…

Sinem ESER

She loves to join parts together both in her life and hobbies. That's why she loves puzzles.
She dreams of in a caravan as yellow as sun travelling to all the sun washed places of the world where she will wake up with bird chirps and will have fun with beloved ones gathered around a fire. You can leave her there for lifelong.

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